SOUND STORIES contain an extracted collection of my soundwork for almost 30 years, 1990-2019 for radio, theatre, movie and art spaces. You will find a variety of unconventional sonic aesthetics and experimental sound design.

On the following pages you can find sounds ranging from soothing ambiances, unique field recordings to harsh noise. These sounds where created from processes including granular synthesis, modular synthesis, time stretch manipulation, interactive sampling, generative composition, morphing wavetables, field recordings and many other cutting edge techniques.

SOUND STORIES is an audible experience of the mobile formlessness and unlimited materiality of sound.

SOUND STORIES suggests the intensity and grace with which sound may create a relational space, a meeting point, diffuse and yet pointed.

Questions of belonging and migration, of environmental and political conflict, riddle everyday life. How to participate within this mass of information, to figure oneself in relation to the presences and pressures that come flooding through each day to carry numerous identities. How to be located within the flux of multiple geographies both proximate and remote. Such contemporary conditions brings forward a shift in critical focus, requiring more situational and networked understanding, an ecology of thought and engagement. 

Auditory experience is non-dualistic in terms of acting as a connective and highly associative form of knowledge: a path of understanding that often binds subjects and objects, inner and outer into a complex weave, a network that teaches us how to belong, to find place, to attune to others, as well as how not to belong, to drift, to figure acts of dislocation, and to dwell within experiences of rupture. 

Sound is always already mine and not mine—I cannot hold it for long, nor can I arrest all its itinerant energy. It is based on empathy and divergence, allowing for careful understanding and deep involvement in the present.

Sound explicitly brings bodies together. It forces us to come out, in lyrical,  and beautiful ways, creating connective moments and deepening the sense for both the present and the distant, the real and the mediated.