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In my work with music, sound and photography I creates compositions and settings that generate poetic and contemplative images that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and alienation. My work appear as  images in which noise and silence, fiction and reality meet.


I  work as composer, sound designer for both Danish and international film and Radio production companies. I have lectured widely, for example, at the Danish Film School, The Danish National School of Theatre, etc.


My special is to create music, sounddesign and ambient soundscapes for movies, theater, radio, galleries and public spaces.  I work with space, silence, monotony and noise as well as incorporating musical instruments, natural sound recordings and electronica  in my productions.


I also works as a sound artist and has exhibited  among other at the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki.


I am interested in examine the interconnected relationship that exists between sound and visuality, the sound of the image / the image of the sound and in radio and podcasts where the sound  becomes an movie for the ears, -soundcinema.


Øivind Weingaarde has an master's degree in philosophy from the University of Aarhus.


Recently work: Music for Odessey app, Odessey exebition at Luisiana and Odessey movie by Michael Madsen. Danish Radio, Tilbage til til Mars, Radio theatre in 8 episodes, Instr Daniel Wedel. Film: Kærlighedens kommaer,  Inst. Ulrik Gutkin.  Museum of Memories:  Inst. Nikolaj Christensen. Udenfor står tiden stille, filmprojekt for kriminalforsorgen. Inst.Tina Enghof. At være far, filmprojekt for kriminalforsorgen. Inst.Tina Enghof.  Theatre: Muhammed og Maria, Teater Grob ,Inst. Daniel Wedel